Montgomery Regional Airport Responds to Inaccurate Article Ranking MGM Among Worst Airports for Delays

Montgomery, Al –The Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) is issuing a correction regarding the recent news report that inaccurately cited information about average flight delays at our airport.

The report erroneously cited data from the ‘Places to Travel’ ranking reported by YellowHammer News, which contained several inaccuracies and lacked proper context. Furthermore, MGM Airport was not given the opportunity to provide a response or confirm the information. The report also omitted the actual data from the Department of Transportation Statistics CY2023, a crucial piece for understanding the situation. This data reveals that MGM had 492 delayed flights with an average delay time of 91 minutes, providing a more reliable representation of the delays experienced at our airport.

The report incorrectly attributed the data to the Bureau of Transportation Services. The correct agency is the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). This error is significant as it misrepresents the source of the information. Secondly, the report failed to provide a direct link to the original source or specify the time frame for the data. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for readers to verify the accuracy of the information.

“MGM is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, from parking to the gate in three minutes,” affirmed Wade A. Davis, C.M. Executive Director. “We aim to eliminate interstate drives, hassles, shuttles, and maintain great on-time performance by American and Delta airlines. We deeply appreciate the trust and confidence of our passengers and community. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing all with a safe and efficient travel experience.”

MGM continues to perform better than its peer airports. Additionally, the percentage of flights that leave MGM early during the period was over 65%. The national average for the U.S. Southern Region for Airport was 21.17% of flights delayed versus MGM’s 15.85%, the most relevant data point for air travelers. Amongst the top Alabama airports, the average departure delay time was 83 minutes versus MGM’s slightly higher average delay of 91 minutes. These are the data points that are most relevant to passengers. 

At MGM, we are committed to providing accurate and timely information to our travelers. We encourage you to rely on official announcements from MGM, airline partners, and relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information regarding your flights.

*Sourced through the Bureau of Transportation Statistics provided by Airline Data, Inc.

About the Montgomery Regional Airport

Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) is a key gateway to the capital city of Alabama, connecting passengers to daily flights offered by American Airlines and Delta Airlines to Atlanta, Georgia (ATL); Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT); Dallas, Texas (DFW), and Washington, D.C. (DCA) and endless connections worldwide. With a commitment to excellence in customer service, safety, and community engagement, MGM strives to provide a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers. For more information on the airport, visit



05-3-24 MGM Response to Flight Delays