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About MGM

Board & Staff

Board Member Appointments

To make your travels into and out of MGM quick, easy and pleasant, we’ve provided a high-performance team dedicated to providing an exceptional level of professional service. Both the MGM staff and our Board of Directors are always working to improve your travel experience at the MGM.

Board Members

Robert Gould, CPA, CFE, <br><span> Vice Chair</span>

Robert Gould, CPA, CFE,
Vice Chair

Tammy Knight-Fleming,<br><span>Board Chair</span>

Tammy Knight-Fleming,
Board Chair

Barrie H. Harmon, III,<br><span>Secretary/Treasurer</span>

Barrie H. Harmon, III,

Joe Greene,<br><span>Board Member</span>

Joe Greene,
Board Member

Conwell Hooper,<br><span>Board Member</span>

Conwell Hooper,
Board Member

Jerry Kyser,<br><span>Board Member</span>

Jerry Kyser,
Board Member

Thomas Bass,<br><span>Board Member</span>

Thomas Bass,
Board Member

Sandra Nickel,<br><span>Board Member</span>

Sandra Nickel,
Board Member

Deborah Nickson,<br><span>Board Member</span>

Deborah Nickson,
Board Member

MGM Senior Staff

Wade Davis, <span>Executive Airport Director</span>

Wade Davis, Executive Airport Director

<br><span>Executive Assistant</span>

Executive Assistant

Willie R. Carter, Jr., C.M.,<br><span>Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance Manager</span>

Willie R. Carter, Jr., C.M.,
Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance Manager

Bryan P. Farquhar,<span>Airport IT Engineer</span>

Bryan P. Farquhar,Airport IT Engineer

Loyd Jenkins, <span> Chief of Police</span>

Loyd Jenkins, Chief of Police

Brittney Jones-Dabney, <span> Marketing and Communications Manager</span>

Brittney Jones-Dabney, Marketing and Communications Manager