People of MGM: Employee Spotlight

Myeisha Johnson
Employees at MGM Airport

The Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) welcomes new Airport Operations Supervisor, Myiesha Johnson. A native of Wetumpka, Johnson has worked in aviation for nearly a decade, spending time as a Communications Specialist in the Airfield Operations Center at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport (DFW) in Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas. In 2019 she was promoted to Airfield Operations Officer, making Johnson the first female to hold the position within the Airfield Operations Department. Most recently, Johnson served as the Airport Operations Supervisor for the Mobile Airport Authority. While there, she was responsible for compliance and enforcing federal, state, and local safety and security regulations of Mobile’s three airports.

As the new Airport Operations Department Supervisor, Johnson says she is looking forward to building the Operations Department for MGM.

“This is a new department designed to aid in keeping the airfield in compliance with all FAA rules and regulations and keeping the traveling public safe. I have four Airport Operations Specialists that work under me, and we are training, learning, and building an operations department that this airport can be proud of.”

She says the best part about working at MGM is the spontaneity of day-to-day operations.

“You may come to work thinking that every day will be the same, but you never know what excitement is waiting for you throughout the day. From chasing wildlife off the airfield to emergency landings to the numerous construction projects happening here, you never know! It’s an exciting time at MGM.”