Airport Operations

Aiport Layout Plan

Download the latest version of the Montgomery Regional Airport Layout Plan (ALP).

Download ALP

Airport Certification Manual

The Airport Certification Manual describes operating procedures, facilities, and equipment used to fulfill the requirements of Federal Air Regulation (FAR) Part 139. Being the holder of a current Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), it is our responsibility to comply with all requirements prescribed by FAR 139 in a manner authorized by the FAA Administrator.

It is the responsibility of the Airport Operations Department Manager to ensure the ACM is kept current at all times. This person will coordinate updates to the ACM (i.e.: equipment, facilities, staffing, training, procedures, etc.) with all applicable parties involved and submit them to the FAA for approval.

Airfield Movement Area Driver Training Program

Under FAR Part 139.329, it is the responsibility of the Airport to develop and implement a training program for the safe and orderly access to, and operation in, Movement Areas and Safety Areas by pedestrians and ground vehicle operators. Anyone requiring access to the Movement Area, where movement must be coordinated with local Air Traffic Control via two-way radio communications, must request this access when completing the Airport Security Badge application process. The following requirements are also necessary to successfully complete MGM’s Movement Area Driver Training Program:

  1. View the Movement Area Driver Training Presentation and print the completion page at the end.  Write your name and date of completion on this page as well.  Return this page to Airport Operations.
  2. Call the Airport Operations Office at 334.451.4354 to schedule an appointment to complete a practical ride-along with an Ops Specialist.

After completing initial training, recurrent training is required yearly in order to maintain Movement Area driving privileges. Completion of both items above is required for both Initial and Recurrent Movement Area Driver Training.