ACDBE Stakeholder Consultation

To be in compliance with the Federal Regulations 49 CFR Part 23, the Montgomery Regional Airport Authority, Inc. is in the process of developing its ACDBE program goal for FFY 2023-FFY 2025.  You are invited to attend a stakeholder input meeting via teleconference. The purpose of the meeting is for the Montgomery Regional Airport Authority, Inc. to present its ACDBE program plan and goal methodology to the public and to receive input regarding the ACDBE goal development process.  The Authority invites you to hear a presentation on the goal methodology and to participate in a discussion of the proposed goal, the availability of potential ACDBEs, the effects of discrimination on opportunities for ACDBEs, as well as the Authority’s effort to increase ACDBE participation.

We sincerely hope that you, or a representative of your company/agency, will attend this meeting to assist the Authority in our ongoing efforts to implement an effective ACDBE program.

For questions or additional information, please contact Taffy Pippin at 334-546-4717 or