The ABCs of MGM

At Montgomery Regional Airport, we’re always eager to assist you or to answer questions you may have. And here’s a good place to start with some of the inquiries we receive most often, from our operating hours to parking fees to lost items to Internet access.

What airlines fly out of Montgomery Regional Airport?
What time does the airport terminal open?
How much are parking fees at the Montgomery Regional Airport?
Is a cell phone lot available?
What are limits on baggage size and numbers? What about carry-on items?
Where do I confirm a flight?
What is the city or airport code?
How early do I need to arrive before my flight leaves?
Can someone help me with my bags?
What kinds of assistance are available at your airport for passengers with disabilities? What about at my destination airport?
Has bad weather delayed flights?
My baggage was damaged. Who should I call?
I lost my valuable(s) while traveling. Who should I contact?
What type of photo identification will my minor need to fly?
I left/lost my driver's license. What other kind of identification can I use? Will they let me fly without it?
Does the airport offer Internet access?
What items can I bring through the security line?

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